Guest Houses

Aglonas Cakuli

Amid Daugavpils, Rezekne, Kraslava and Preili, on the banks of Lake Ciritis – eight bedrooms in a guesthouse with party facilities. Country sauna with fireplace for 35 people. Sauna specialist available (order in advance). Swing-sets for children. Near the Aglona Basilica.

Adress: Ezera street 4, Aglona, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29333422;
home page:;
GPS:  56.1332, 26.9988;
Languages: LV, RU, DE, EN;


Adress: Rezeknes street 6, Aglona, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 28600788; +371 29664040;
GPS:  56.1338, 27.0106;
Languages: LV, RU;


It is an ecotourism guest house in Aglona, near the Aglona-Kraslava road,300 kmaway from Aglona basilica in the direction of Kraslava,100 mfrom Egles lake.

The guest house offers a nice recreation for families, small groups and individual tourists both in summer and in winter. 4 separate cozy rooms and 8 sleeping places are at your service. Ask the hostess about additional places.

Adress: Aglonas street 10 , Aglona, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 27574452, +371 28836658;
GPS:  56.1214, 27.0202;
Languages: LV, RU, DE, EN;


Holiday home Celmiņi is a secluded, countryside property (6000m2), featuring wooden house, large pond surrounded by more than one hundred plant species, ancient style Black sauna and fascinating points of interest in neighborhood.
Most guests prefer staying there for several days, relaxing and listening to sounds of nature, rejuvenating from city rush. Morning is especially beautiful with a cup of natural tea next to the pond with waterroses, during day guests may visit Aglona Basilica, or many other interesting sights in surroundings, in evening they can experience something very unique – Black sauna ritual.
The Latgalian style house welcomes groups up to 6 persons, offering memorable stay and convenience, including necessary amenities such as free parking and wifi, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, outdoor area with patio, swings, grill and campfire spot with a pot, where guests can prepare fish from the pond.
Holiday home Celmiņi is inviting You to experience the magic of nature!

Points of interest look at here: points_of_interest

Adress: Rēzeknes street 2, Aglona, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29376197
GPS: 56.1330, 27.0101


Adress: Tartakas street 2, Aglona, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29552994;
home page:;
GPS: 56.1213, 27.0014;
Languages: LV, RU, EN;


It is a wonderful rest place on the shore of Uzuna lake, and opportunity of active recreation both for children and adults. Two or more days water trips along the rivers and lakes of Latgale upland. We suggest a route for the fans of boats: Ilza Geranimova lake (an opportunity ot see Panu peninsula, Geranimova manor house park) – the channel to Rusonas lake – Petrovkas peninsula – the sacrificial stone in Rusona lake – the river of Tartaka – the great boulder of Kameneca – Kameneca manor house and its park – the nature trail of Cirisu lake – Upursala (the Sacrifice Island). Lodgings for the night. Black bathhouse. 23 canoes, boat transportation. Take your passport with you!

Adress: Ezersetas, Kastulinas parish, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29166259; +371 29194748;
home page:;
GPS:  56.156940, 27.304652;
Languages: LV, RU, EN


Designated area where you can leave the car. There are large  tent place. Guest house price is 10 Ls, camping price 7 Ls, parking yard for free.

Guest House – 4 bedrooms with several bunks, large hall, toilet, bathroom, kitchen.

Adress: Somersetas street 14 , Aglona, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 26159734;
GPS:  56.133128, 27.004652;
Languages: LV, RU;

Lejas Ezersetas

Offer recreation fields at Uzunu lake. Fishing, children’s playground, a steaming bath, boating, swimming, camping place. In the Guest house is located  a bathhouse with changing rooms and shower cabins.

Adress: Lejas Ezersetas , Kastulinas parish, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29423246; +371 65659217;
home page:;
GPS:  56.158194, 27.305124;
Languages: LV, RU;


If you want to take a rest from everyday problems, to enjoy sunset among your friends or to swing on the swings in the warm summer evenings, watching the picturesque scenery of the lake, you are welcome to visit „Malvine” guest house.

Adress: Aglona, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 26487180; +371 26324038;
home page:;
GPS:  56.1216, 26.9948;
Languages: LV, RU;

Mezinieku majas

The dishes of Latgalian culinary heritage.
Sleeping in cozy rooms (45 people + additional places).
Health-improving steam bath with a bath attendant, special foot baths.
Different types of massage, aromatherapy, herbal teas.
Wood burning heater sauna (one can take a steam bath), after sauna – a wooden hot tub or a bubble massage bath tub. The aesthetic body care specialist will attend to you.
There is a banquet hall (for 120 people) and a fireplace room (for 30 people) for festivities, weddings, seminars, staff parties, presentations etc. On-site cooking from local food items.
The ancestors’ rye bread, white bread, cakes, cookies baked on-site from biologically grown raw materials. Each of you may bake your own loaf of bread. Orders are also taken. The usage of hemp in food and in bath house procedures.
It is a certified biological farm producing dairy products, cottage cheese, fresh meat, vegetables, berries and fruits. You can buy tomatoes and cucumbers grown in local greenhouses. Offer of eco-products bespoken.
Childrens’ playground with a little fairy-tale house; For active recreation: cognitive nature trail (theatricalized) with signs, accompanied by a guide.
The onlyHoroscopeParkin the Baltic states (accompanied by a guide, by prior arrangement). For groups: celebration of various national holidays in the spirit of ancient traditions with folk groups, possibility to choose.
The ecological guest house offers recreation and entertainment you wish.

Adress: Guteni, Aglonas parish, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29234425; +371 28350601;
home page:;
GPS:  56.1026, 26.9415;
Languages: LV, RU, EN;

Pie Vijas

Guest house ”Pie Vijas” is located in the same building as the only Bread Museum in the Baltic states. There is a possibility to order a meal, as well as to choose any of the theme rooms. Each theme room is designed in different colour.

Adress: Daugavpils Street 7, Aglona, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29287044;
home page :;
GPS: 56.1332, 27.0018;
Languages: LV, RU, DE;