Aglona Bread Museum

Invitation to a conversation about bread and bread-making process: fresh bread sampling, herbal tea, opportunity to buy the Aglona bread and pastry. The visitors are received by the museum’s hostess dressed in Latgalian national costume, singing Latgalian folk songs and saying the welcome speech in Latgalian. A theatrical production is prepared for the reception of guests, its author is Vija Ancāne. There are burning candles in the museum, clay cups filled herbal tea are steaming on the table, and there is a smell of freshly baked rye bread which lies on the linen tablecloth. The conversation begins with the identification and tasting of rye grains. Vija Ancāne has collected dozens of sayings, popular beliefs, fairytales; she has learnt about the customs connected with crop farming, bread making and eating.

One may come here and hear the sounds of rye ears and flails. One may learn ancient games related to grain crops and bread. The visitors are given an opportunity to taste the bread, to try their hand at turning the handmill or holding a sowing vessel full of grain.

The museum also has a culinary heritage programme; Latgalian-style weddings can be organized here.

A bakery is located in the same building as the museum, so it is possible to watch the bread baking through a glass wall; one may buy fresh-baked bread and pastry in the baker’s.

Adress: Daugavpils Street 7, Aglona, Aglonas district ;
Phone: +371 29287044
GPS: 56.1332, 27.0018

World War II  exhibition

The World War II exhibition (museum) is situated in the  centre of Aglona. The exhibition is concentrated, which facilitates its viewing because one does not have to move endlessly from floor to floor, slowly examining everything around instead. The heart of the museum is a collection of weapons that were used in World War II.

Uniforms, ammunition, household objects, debris of planes etc. can be seen here, too. The most valuable and unique object is the field-post correspondence of oberleutnant Augusts with his beloved woman Marta during 5 years of war. These letters are a dialogue of two people loving people with a happy ending. The chronicles (video) of those times are shown on the background. The exhibition is not politicized, it equally represents both belligerents. None of them is considered good or bad, and this is probably why the exhibition is easy to view and enjoyed by visitors.

The range of exhibits is quite wide; one may view over a thousand items: from the debris of planes, letters, documents, to weapons, uniforms, an authentic motorcycle with sidecar attached, audio and video materials, etc. The exhibits were obtained in various ways: they were purchased, exchanged; the geography of their initial location is quite wide:Germany, East European countries,Latvia,Latgale,Russia.

Adress: Daugavpils Street 40, Aglona, Aglonas district ;
Phone: +371 22484848, + 371 29294180, +371 653 21380
GPS: 56.1304,27.0052

Post office’s and information museum

The Museum offers to visitors traveling in time. It is traveling into information history. Visitors can know how the post office is developed in Latvia and in the world.

Adress: Kalna Street 12, Aglona, Aglonas district ;
Phone: +371 27068443, + 371 28341762,
GPS: 56.1227, 27.0161